ORCHIS - Orchids researches, conservation and habitats in Strandzha

Project code:CB005.1.12.025
Project call:CB005.1
Priority axis / Specific objective:1.2. Improving the capacity for nature protection, sustainable use and management of common natural resources through cooperation initiatives in the cross-border area
Type of project:Soft
Project duration in months:12
Project final contract amount:108298.71 €
Project EU co-financing rate:85.00 %
Project start date:21.03.2017
Project end date:20.03.2018
Project intervention field:085 Protection and enhancement of biodiversity, nature protection and green infrastructure
Project summary:

The main objective of the project is study and conservation of wild orchids native to Strandzha mountain.

The study will be conducted by a specialized software and implementing an innovative method for monitoring habitats and species.

Within the project there will be implemented field surveys  in the regions around Malko Tarnovo (Bulgaria) and Demirköy (Turkey). Development and implementation of specialized software, which will work with the collected and updated information about orchids in Strandzha is envisaed. The information about orchids includes a picture, coordinates, description and size of the population in Strandzha region. The software will allow appending new data aiming at increased sustainability of the results and effective monitoring. Within the  project a training for foresters, botanists and other stakeholders will be organized for usage of the new software in the field.

Regional Forest Directorates will be equipped with tablets containing the installed software.

As a result of the joint study on species composition, population, status and habitat of orchids in Strandzha there will be created and published a list of orchid species occurring in the territory of Strandzha.
Implementation of the project will contrubute to improvement of cooperation in preservation of wild orchids in the corss-border region and exchange of know-how and experience.

Project website:


Materials from the project:

Presentation from the Press Conference (27 July 2017) in Bulgarian language is availabale HERE.

Presentation "New data on the species of Orchidaceae in the Strandzha Natural Park", Svetla Dalakchieva, Antoaneta S. Petrova is available HERE.

Field work “New data on the species of Orchidaceae in the Strandzha Natural Park” is available HERE.

Presentation in „ ORCHIS - Orchids researches, conservation and habitats in Strandzha“, Svetla Dalakchieva, Burgas, 30 April 2018, in Bulgarian language is available HERE.

Presentation “Guidelines for the work with specialized software”, in English language is available HERE.





Leading partner
Demirköy Forestry
Non-government Organization for Conservation ONE NATURE